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Quality assurance: automated and accurate.

Asservio helps you to transform the property claims quality assurance process. With better accuracy, the estimation review only takes minutes when it traditionally can take hours.

without the hassle.

The Asservio platform helps you reimagine and transform the estimate review process. No matter the size of your company, Asservio’s intelligence eliminates inefficiencies and can help you move towards a no-touch, automated process.

Automating the estimation process.

  • Estimator Writes Estimate

  • Asservio
    Pre-Upload Scan

    Asservio evaluates the estimate, based on a conditioned set of rules. These can be set by Crawford’s standard pre-set rules, by client’s adjusted set of rules, or even by a project’s subset of rules.

  • Are There Findings?

    Yes No
  • Estimator Addresses Asservio Findings

    The estimator or adjuster is able to make corrections as desired.

  • Estimator
    Uploads Estimate

    Once findings are addressed, or once it is established that no adjustments need to be made, the estimator or adjuster is able to close out the estimate.

  • Asservio Automated
    Score Card

    The estimator or adjuster is able to make corrections as desired.

  • Quality Assurance Review

Support, intelligence, and automation — all with Asservio.

  • Implement Asservio quickly and easily

    Moving away from traditional processes can feel overwhelming, but not with Asservio.

    The platform is pre-configured with robust rules so after uploading your estimate to Asservio, it is quickly and automatically checked for errors based on the pre-set rules engine.

  • Streamline your workflow

    In an era of digitization, there’s never been a more important time to help offset labor shortages by streamlining your workflows.

Help adjusters improve their accuracy.

Asservio offers real-time dashboarding that suggests training opportunities based on adjusters’ scores, helping you get the most of your team.

the difference.

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